Rollon shape glass bottle suppliers

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    1. The electric steamer can be heated evenly, keeping the temperature consistent in the boiler, so that the food can be heated evenly and no entrainment occurs. 2. The electric steamer is designed with a laminated food steamer, which can be used for many dishes at the same time, saving space and time, and can also store food. 3. Energy saving power of electric steamer, steam in 30 seconds, automatic constant temperature and power off function. 4. The electric steamer adopts anti-drip and leakproof lid design,
    7ml travel glass bottle with gold cap
    ITEM # RGB-7
    CAP: PP inner cap +Aluminium out cap
    OFC: 8.5ml
    DIMENSIONS: D20mm*H64mm
    Decoration such as silkscreen,hot stamp,hot transfer printing,water transfer printing,coating is available for components.
    Variable shape glass bottles are available. For more details, please kindly contact our sales.Rollon shape glass bottle suppliers

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